Surgery Center

Helping you prepare for right now. And what’s next.

Reimbursement challenges. More scrutiny over patient outcomes. Limited storage space. Running a busy surgery center takes a strategic partner. Someone who can help you reach your goals, improve care quality and reduce costs.

We’ve got your back.

Our dedicated ASC experts listen to your needs and solve challenges on the spot. Using our industry-tested expertise, we work together to simplify operations from the ground up. We help you maximize scheduling. Engage De Novo solutions. Service multi-specialty surgery centers. And more.

At Medline, we focus on enabling you and your team to prepare for right now. And for what’s next.

Collaborating throughout the center to manage physician preference items.

Learn how to effectively manage PPIs and balance clinical and financial goals in issue 10 of Outpatient Outcomes

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Supply Chain

Online Analytics

Forecast your spend on purchases and take action on order, invoicing and more. Our software solutions provide you with greater insight, visibility and control into your spend. 

Third-Party Logistics

Eliminate day-to-day inefficiencies and redundancies. Our on-site experts will conduct a free logistics assessment to maximize your storage space, increasing productivity and reducing waste. 

Space Analysis & Design

Need more storage space? Simplify. Use our warehouse facility. Products are ordered from your vendor then sent directly to our distribution center and on to your facility for prompt and easy delivery. 

Perioperative Solutions

We analyze your supply process and uncover new opportunities to reduce waste and increase financial savings. From improving O.R. safety to convenient kitting solutions, we’ve got your back. 

Aggregated Solutions

Combine your spend with thousands of other contract customers to access more high-quality, national brand products at aggressive tier pricing. It’s also a great way to streamline your supply chain and simplify contract compliance. 

Inventory Management

Our handheld ParScan Inventory Control and Ordering System automates purchasing and billing to help streamline workflow, saving you time and effort. Installs easily with internet connection and USB port. 

Business Solutions

Medical Device Reprocessing

Achieve your sustainability goals and gain financial savings. As the leader in medical device reprocessing for surgery centers, we follow the highest standards of safety and performance.

Sole Supply Partner

We distribute a complete portfolio of quality products — including surgical gowns, gloves, instruments and more. In addition to our Medline brand products, we also carry national and specialty brands.

Multi-site Management

Our experts work with a variety of centers and physicians every day, so they’re uniquely positioned to help you integrate multiple care sites seamlessly. We help you improve standardization while reducing costs, system wide.

Consignment Services

Pay only for the inventory you use. Our ACCESS Consignment Program gives you the option to buy back up to 30 days of your existing medical supply inventory.

New Construction and Renovation Services

Get your DeNovo up and running without the stress of managing multiple suppliers. From no-interest financing and easy delivery to logistics and installation management, we take care of everything, leaving you more time for patient care.

Patient Experience

Helping you maintain patient satisfaction and build loyalty is our specialty. We design unique hospital-branded CarePacs to help patients feel more at home.

Clinical Expertise

O.R. Safety


After gathering insights from O.R. professionals nationwide, we created our Empower Program to help improve O.R. safety, quality and efficiency while reducing costs.

Infection Prevention


We can help you standardize best practices to prevent risk factors associated with SSIs. For safe and efficient surgical scrubbing and hand hygiene compliance, look to our quality products and solutions to help drive down infection rates.

Surgeon Preference


Our clinical experts work with you to meet surgical preferences effectively and cost-efficiently, from custom surgical packs to the right drapes and gowns.